Celebrity Eliminator League Signup

Here is where you can signup to play in one of our fun, free celebrity eliminators against a celebrity of your choice. It's a 17 team league where the lowest scoring team is eliminated weekly. It's best ball, so all you do is draft!

Signups will open up for 2024 on May 6th!
Donations are not required, but are appreciated. A $10 donation per eliminator is recommended.
Signing up also gets you on our mailing list, be a part of our community!

Signups are currently closed.
Thanks for your support!

If tweeting about any of these leagues use #FCELIMINATOR

No Minimum Entry Fee or Payouts. We are asking people to donate for every league they play in. There is no minimum or maximum donation. Previous years have been $10 per league, unless a special league. Leagues that required more work were typically $20 per league. Auction, Trades, BBID...

Sign up for as many eliminators as you like.

How to Donate - Fantasy Cares - #FCEliminator Donation

Once a league fills you will receive an invite to join the league on MYFANTASYLEAGUE.COM. You will also be added to a twitter DM. (Make sure you are following @FF_Hep @JohnBoschFF @JPeekFF @MattPriceFF @CommishCasey @TheFFKoala @DynastyOuthouse @BobGilchristFF or have your twitter DMs open so you can be added)

Some leagues will have a prize offered by the celeb for winning their league. (hopefully this will be posted on the MFL MSG BD)


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